My quest to rebalance the dj business, check out 11 weddings in 13 days

In this video, i bring you through 11 events that i personally was part of with my @SCE Event Group team in the New Jersey area. This time last year events of all shapes and sizes were crushed by the covid pandemic and now we are a full throttle run of performing with rules that now allow us to operate.  Although covid still is a thing that could come back and change the landscape of the private event world, i will always recognize that it has tragically impacted so many in so many ways, we are working our way through the chaos of over 1000 events that have been postponed from other dates and times.  Weddings in the northeast are happening almost seven days a week and at all levels.  For me, it’s been a fun and reward experience to help people celebrate iconic moments in time after going through so much to make their events happen.  

Whether the new normal looks like this for the near term or thing shift in the future I am grateful to be a DJ and business owner that helps so many people celebrate so much awesome.  

Take a look at some of my wedding events that all are so very different, consistency is the result you will see of stuff dance floors and energy, no matter the equipment or services on deck at each one of these events.  

If you are a DJ and looking to learn from me, performance and or with business, please consider supporting this channel with some sublove and supporting my journey here on my quest for a coveted YouTube frame :)


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